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Keeping LA beautiful since 1970

The Yellow Balloon is a kids hair salon in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, and has been providing top quality childrens hair care and hair products since 1970. Our dedication to customer satisfaction keeps us focused on the needs of our clients, and our superior service makes us LA's one-stop salon for all of your child's hair & beauty needs. Yellow Balloon Childrens Hair Salon is also dedicated to providing the same level of care and service for our adult clients as we do for our kids!

Yelp reviews

Jennifer H., Ann Arbor, MI :
“I was babysitting my (very rowdy) nephew and was asked to take him for a hair cut. Since I had heard through the grapevine that the Yellow Balloon specialized in children's hair cut, I decided to take him there.

Boy, I was IMPRESSED! For one, my nephew doesn't know the meaning of "sitting still", even for 5 seconds. The hair stylist (the name escapes me now) was able to follow the boy in his movement to give him the best hair cut I have ever seen on his small head. I was definitely willing to pay whatever for her skills, which I thought was meagerly priced given what I saw in her and on him.

Afterwards, I let him play in the arcade in the back of the salon, which he enjoyed a lot, too.
If I were a kid, I would have liked to have my mom take me there.”

Michael H., Los Angeles, CA:
“I've been getting my haircut at the Yellow Balloon since my very first haircut. I am now 26 years old, and even though my friends make fun from time to time, I refuse to go anywhere else. I feel at home in the comfy chairs. My stylist Natalie has been cutting my head since I was a kid and is awesome at what she does. She's always been a perfectionist, but through vacations and busy days I have had Lee cut my hair from time to time, and he is just as great too.

I know I'm all grown up now, but they have video game machines and a candy claw in the back for a quarter, and I still get sucked in every time. Who doesn't like Star Wars Pinball for a quarter?!  I look forward to my visit there every month. Extra star cause parking in the back is always easy. :)”

Eat W., Los Angeles, CA:
“I've known Natalie for ages and can't believe some of these reviews. I find it strange that some of these reviews have only reviewed one place. Hmmm, competitor maybe?? I thought Yelp flagged these reviews? In any case, I use to go here as a toddler and now all of my little nieces and nephews go here and they love it! I wouldn't recommend  any other place - the stylists take the time to talk with the parents and comfort the children so that they have the perfect cutting experience. Try it for yourself before listening to a reviewer with one review! A++++!”

Rick S., Beverly Hills, CA:
“Go there now after work for Haircuts....I'm in Westwood so it's really nice. You guys should advertise you also do awesome mens cuts.....”

Cheyenne C., Los Angeles, CA:
“Love Love this place my son has been going here since he was 10 months old he is now three and they have the best service hands down."